So my wife wants to buy me a MP3 player.  I am not sure how I feel about this.  I mean, is it even ethically feasible for a dee jay to own an mp3 player? Not only that, but I'm still a little unsettled about the transition from vinyl that I was literally forced to make years ago.  It still doesn’t set right with me.  I miss them …terribly.  But now,  to ditch my CD collection (did I mention it was extensive) for a little device that my thumb will cover all the buttons...  I just don’t know.  Scrolling down to find the right song.  It takes away the process.  The steps to the process of which I speak: 1.  Going to the man cave…think I will listen to some music.   2.  I am going to stand here and peruse the CD collection (did I mention it was extensive) 3.  I am going to pull out 5 CDs and see which one is sending off “THE VIBE”… 4.  I put in the CD and while the first song is playing I look over the liner notes (again) and the musicians.  At this point I may do some cross referencing with other CDs.  5.  I listen to the CD completely….and again…and again.  Somehow I feel , I will be losing this process with a MP3 player.  The only plus….it is portable….I can be in hands reach of all my CDs anytime day or night….that is appealing. 

Seriously, both radio and mp3 players can exist side by side, but I'm still not sure about being seen listening to one. It just doesn't seem right. 

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