How about a talking cat for you or especially your kid to play with?  It's called Talking Tom and trust me you will get a kick out of this. 

It doesn't matter what age you are with this application for your phone.  I was showing a few people the other day who were my age, and then two elderly people came up to me and asked what that was and then of course I downloaded it for them as they had no clue what to do.  They were amazed with the app as you will probably be as well.  They told me they had grandkids but they actually thought it was fun to play with as well.  So there you go, it's just not for kids!

It's a cat that just stands there that you interact with.  You can pet it and it purrs, hit it and it gets knocked out, feed it milk, or the cat takes it's claws and scratches your screen like a chalkboard.  Best of all though, it can repeat everything you say to it.  That's by far one of the coolest things about this app that children love. 

So when your trying to get your child to calm down, or waste some time.  I highly suggest you give him/her your phone and let them play with it.  It's neat to see how they react to it as well.  You can find it on the smartphones.  Just type in Talking Tom and have fun.  There is a free version which I have or you can pay $1.99 for the other version with extra features, I think it can fart or something I'm not sure.

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