Who couldn't use a thousand dollar prize right now? We thought so too!

Here is your chance to win $1,000 merchandise prizes during our Back to School Showcase.

This is your chance to upgrade your mattress, eat amazing Mexican food, drive a spotless car, relieve years of stress, get delicious wings or fish thanks to our local sponsors; Bedbutlers, Las Palmas, Courtesy Car Wash, Ifloat, Wings Galore, and Victoria All Sports. You can make some of these prizes LAST all year long!

We want to thank them for joining us in making life a little easier for two lucky winners in our community. That's right. Six possible prizes, two winners.

We are offering a $1,000 prize for our grand prize winner AND a $500.00 prize for a second-place winner too!

It's easy! All you need to do is register on our station websites or download our apps and register there. Better yet, register in both places to double your chances to win. YES YOU CAN register for any and all of the prizes to further increase your chance to win, after all, with the way this year has been doing, you deserve to WIN!

Check out these six great prizes, one of your choosing!

It's Our Summer Showcase

We wish you the very best of luck and can't wait to announce the winners on September 14th. That's right, you've got an entire month to register to win but don't wait too long, with prizes this awesome there will be lots of entries. Two winners, one of which could be YOU!

Signing up for the Showcase is as easy as clicking the link below. We make it easy because WE WANT YOU TO WIN!

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