Some tech blogs are speculating on the possible discontinuation of the product that launched Apple into the stratosphere, and sparked a revolution in both the personal electronics and music industries: the iPod. Unit sales have declined over the last couple of years, as more and more smartphones (with music storage and playing capabilities) make up a larger and growing share of the market. Could the venerable iPod's days be numbered?

Here's what Ashraf Eassa wrote recently at The Motley Fool website,

It's hard to believe that Apple launched the iPod all the way back in 2001. Building on the success of this product, Apple went on to become the world's most powerful consumer electronics company with the subsequent successes of the iPhone and iPad product lines. But the venerable iPod that brought so much good fortune to Apple is looking terminal as a business, and it's unclear whether this product category has much of a longer-term future.


You can see the actual sales figures and read the rest of the article by clicking the link below. Meanwhile, after I finish typing this, I think I'll go listen to some music on my iPhone 5.

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