Both Goliad and Calhoun County will receive some much needed additional funding in the days ahead from the Public Safety Office, Gov. Abbott announced this week.

The total package to Texas cities needing funding for COVID-19 response totals $41 million in funding and out of that, Calhoun County will receive $64,000 and Goliad, roughly $44,800.

In addition, Rockport is set to receive $63,000 and Yoakum $10,600.00

The funding originates from Coronoavirus Emergency Supplemental Funding and will be used by local government agencies to help cover the costs of first responder overtime and hazard pay as well providing additional funding for equipment to social distancing working practices through teleworking. The money will also defray county jail expenses which include transfer fees and medical needs of inmates.

Victoria County is not on the list.

If you'd like more information about Gov. Abbott's latest relief funding efforts, you can visit the Office of the Texas Governor's web page here.

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