As always the Victoria County United Way is here to help our community.

Thank you to Jill Blucher, Community Engagement Coordinator for sharing the United Way Relief Fund Schedule press release. Following are excerpts and a link to the press release in its entirety;

On March 24th, the Victoria County United Way created the COVID-19 Relief Fund, with the Golden Crescent COAD (Community Organizations Assisting in Disasters), to help those in our communities financially burdened in the wake of the coronavirus – working families experiencing lost time on the job who are now struggling to make rent and put food on the table, organizations providing vital services that are unable to meet growing needs with existing and dwindling resources, and those community resources that will be strained in the coming weeks and months.

To ensure we get the financial resources to the right areas at the right time and adapt to evolving needs, we will roll-out the fund in three (3) phases:

Phase 1: Response Present through April 10, 2020

Providing rent, utility, and bill assistance for households We recognize the need to address the immediate needs of families and individuals. People across our rural communities are struggling in the economic wake of this pandemic - plummeting sales at local businesses, hourly workers in the service sector and the “gig” economy being disproportionately impacted, school closures resulting in unexpected childcare expenses or meal issues, to name a few of the issues we are seeing. 

Phase 2: Relief April 13, 2020 through June 30, 2020

Funding identified essential service nonprofit organizations The nonprofit organizations in our communities, those on the front-lines providing essential safety net services, deserve rapid assistance, as well. They are working with limited resources that are fast becoming scarce. In a recent survey, manpower and dollars topped the list for things keeping them from fully serving their clients. Many are also finding it difficult to move to a mobile/remote work environment due to the nature of their services. 

Phase 3: Recovery July 1, 2020 through EOY

Meeting nonprofit and community needs Nonprofits are looking at potential cash flow issues as early as a month or two down the road. Many are having to cancel the large fundraisers and relied upon income from billing on contracts may not be possible in the wake of service shutdowns. Additionally, the community is experiencing gaps in services and resources. Our recovery phase will examine ways to help nonprofits recover, while closing community resource gaps with an eye on the future.

To read the entire press release from United Way click the button below.

Here is a Youtube video thanks to the Victoria Advocate highlighting The United Ways many ways they support the community. This was just one Day of Caring.

If you would like more information, please feel free to contact Jill via email at

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