Snakes find hiding spaces everywhere, including YOUR CAR!  This video was posted to social media on June 29th and has just now started to make the rounds on social media. Vicki Ruhl says she was driving on a Kansas highway when she noticed a snake on slithering on her windshield.  In an article posted by FOX23, Vicki states, "I saw the snake, and it was my worst nightmare come true in that moment, it was surreal." She eventually pulled off of the freeway and parked the car. That is when the snake slithered away. Can anyone tell us what kind of snake that is? Let us know in the Facebook comments of this status.


Snakes are thin and flexible enough that they can find gaps between your car’s parts and make their way up towards the engine bay. They will not be able to get inside of your car from here  While this does not happen very often I have seen this happen before. I was visiting my daughter in college in Nacogdoches and saw a snake slither onto the wheel of a truck and disappeared under the hood. That is going to be a no for me.  I have also walked up on two copperhead snakes twisted around each other. Stay safe my friends.

What is the scariest snake encounter that you have had? Let us know in the Facebook comments of this status.


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