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Let's Talk Details About the Upcoming Bond

The $156.8 million dollar bond which includes serving 21 of our community schools as well as the rebuild of Stroman Middle School and Mission Valley Elementary was approved in a special board meeting with six out of seven board members voting yes, which means the bond will next be voted on during the May 1st election ballot.

Here is the tax impact information for the new VISD bond proposal.

According to the VISD website's special 2021 Bond Election pdf which you can read herethe estimated maximum tax impact for the 2021 bond proposal is 7.5 cents for a total tax rate of $1.2649. This equates to $6.25 a month per $100,000 of taxable home value. 

Victorians we've spoken to feel that it's time to make infrastructure improvements within our schools. However, according to a recent news report from Crossroads Today, there are some who are opposed to the bond as well. According to the report, Emett Alvarez, the owner of Revista de Victoria newspaper, shared why he is voting against the bond. Alvarez also says that he believes repairs are needed but the price tag of the bond is too high.

We've heard statements countering the opposition by asking, "If not now, when?"

Early voting has begun.

You can read where to vote in the early election now through April 27th here.

Joint election voting begins May 1st. Please peruse VISD's website here for additional information and facts.

If the bond passes, it's estimated to take a few years of financing, planning, and implementation to complete the entire bond list of infrastructure improvements.

We've kept the Crossroads abreast of the VISD Bond with articles throughout the year.

Here are two you can read now.

Early voting has begun, but if you haven't voted yet and are interested, remember you can vote at any of the VISD schools beginning May 1st.

Click here for a specific list of voting locations.

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