Today, VISD's board will meet at 5:30pm for a workshop that includes a proposal to rebuild Stroman Middle School as well as Mission Valley Elementary School which according to Crossroads Today totals about $157 million dollars.

Greg Bonewald, VISD Deputy Superintendent of Operations is quoted in the article as offering that "15 campuses in VISD are 50 years old or older."

You are welcome to view the agenda for todays VISD Board meeting here.

Last week we wrote an article about the hard work and dedication of the VISD Bond Planning Committee. Sunday, we included a one-on-one radio interview with VISD Superintendent, Dr. Quintin Sheperd which aired during our 'Victoria Extra, Townsquare Talks' segment. Dr. Sheperd encouraged and continues to encourage the community to voice their opinions, thoughts, and suggestions on the upcoming VISD Bond Proposals.

You can read our article in its entirety in the button below.

Previously in  November 2020 we also included the Bond Proposal Planning Committee's estimated assessment of needs within our Victoria Independent School District. In that article, we included their projection of needing $146 million dollars for repairs throughout the school district which included Hopkins and DeLeon Elementary School needing about $7 million of that need.

Here is November's article to review.

VISD has provided individual assessment needs videos for every campus on the VISD website which includes Mission Valley Elementary here as well as for Stroman Middle School here to help our community better understand the repair needs of every campus.

Again, you are encouraged to share your thoughts with VISD and Dr. Sheperd by visiting the VISD website.

Thank you to all of the VISD Bond Planning Task Force Members, listed here for their efforts as well.

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