After Monday nights VISD Bond Planning Task Force meeting, it's estimated that over $146 million dollars will be needed for Victoria Independent School District to meet the needs of repairs throughout VISD various schools, which includes Hopkins and DeLeon Elementary School needing about $7 million.

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According to a report by Crossroads Today, Stroman Middle School would need a projected estimate of $26 million as well adding that "Greg Bonewald, Deputy Assistant Superintendent for the Victoria I.S.D., shared tax rate comparisons to other similarly-sized districts, as well as what a bond would look like with a lowered I&S tax rate and a 21-year history of the district’s tax rate.," which Greg added, " VISD's tax rate is lower point in 21 years. "


The VISD Bond Task Force offers on their web link, "The purpose of a bond planning committee is to utilize a ten-year facility study and needs assessment data to analyze and recommend term bond and facility effects."

VISD had offered the VISD Bond Committee webpage,  "We want input from our VISD parents, staff, and community members that will help our Bond Planning Task Force prioritize those needs. Your thoughts and questions will be used by the Task Force members to continue their work toward drafting recommendations for the VISD Board of Trustees to consider."

There are videos and PowerPoint presentations available for every campus that needs repair through VISD Facility Assessments as they worked with Huckabee Architects which feature the results of every assessment made on each campus, which you can view here.

The next Task Force Meeting will be held on November 17th, 2020.

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