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Who is YOUR Favorite High School Crossroads Club or Team?

Together, we are proudly celebrating and rallying around our local Crossroads high school teams, clubs, and organizations! It's our Crossroads Spirit Showdown and the winning club or team with the MOST SPIRIT via VOTES will receive $1,000 to use for equipment, training, or materials, whatever they need, so our athletes can be their best!!

Give us an M, give us an O, give us a N.E.Y! MONEY!!!!

Well, actually we will give you M.O.N.E.Y!

Yep, YOUR school organization can win $1,000 just by nominating your local school team or organization in the poll button at the bottom of the link. We will vote from the nominations. You the listeners pick the winner!

We will see you at the pep rallies!

Every Friday morning KIXS 108's Jp and Ingra Lee, will showcase a high school pep rally AND their football game of the week!

Last week we were at Industrial to help hype up the Cobras during their " Beach" themed pep rally. It was an awesome start to the football season. And we could not have done this without the support of The First State Bank, Nissan of Victoria, and Whataburger! Thank you to these businesses for supporting our athletic youth! They are the MVP's of the Crossroads Spirit Showdown!

Check out the spirit of the Industrial Cobras!

Okay, are you ready to CHEER YOUR TEAM ON? Just nominate the team or school organization below!

We can't wait to see which team or organization wins! It's Friday Night Lights BACK AGAIN!

Best of luck to all of our great schools!!!

Nominations are going to be taken until October 1st so hurry! 

Here is the rest of the schedule;

Voting will start on October 18th till October 29th.

The winner will be announced on November 1st!

Check these pics! Back to School Celebration Like NO OTHER!

Backyard Bird Nerd Top Picks and Pics

Pumpkin Spice Everywhere in Everything





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