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We've been covering the Victoria Independent School District's bond proposal news since November 2020, when the special task force known as the VISD Bond Planning Task Force began making assessments of what has been deemed as much-needed repair for several VISD schools.

In November they estimated that the needed repairs would cost about $146.2 million dollars. At that time data was offered to the public showing that "VISD's tax rate is at the lowest point in 21 years."  You can read that article in its's entirety in the button below.

The final estimate was completed and was set at $156.8 million as VISD Superintendent Dr. Quintin Sheperd offered in his "Q Newsletter" the willingness of all committee members to hear community thoughts on the proposal. " "There are many opportunities for community feedback, insight, and questions in the next several weeks before any final proposal will be brought to the Trustees for a vote. Please be on the lookout for those opportunities."

The $156.8 million dollar bond which includes serving 21 of our community schools as well as the rebuild of Stroman Middle School and Mission Valley Elementary was approved in a special board meeting with six out of seven board members voting yes, which means the bond will next be voted on during the May 1st election ballot.

According to the VISD website's special 2021 Bond Election pdf which you can read here, the estimated maximum tax impact for the 2021 bond proposal is 7.5 cents for a total tax rate of $1.2649. This equates to $6.25 a month per $100,000 of taxable home value. 

Two very important questions that were shared several times over the past few months were "Why now?" with humbled replies of " If not now, when?"

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