It's Superbowl weekend! What better way to get ready for the big game between the 49ers and Chiefs than to sing some tailgate songs!

It all started as a visit to the radio station by a couple of great kids from Victoria ISD. Specifically, Aiden from Stroman Middle School, and Katie from West High School.

JP, myself, and everyone at the radio station were so impressed by the two special young people who wanted to spend part of their day with us. While both students can not see, they might be a couple of the best listeners in the Crossroads. These two knew everything about KIXS 108. The DJ's, the showtimes, our weekend lineup, and even how to find us online, and what the names of our station apps are. It's a DJ's dream come true!

Ok, on to one of our favorite parts of the visit. Katie and Aiden had a chance to visit with JP from the KIXS 108 morning show to talk about their favorite songs and artists, dream concerts, and to get a tour of the studios. That is when Aiden asked if he could sing us his tailgate song. With the big game coming up on Sunday, we HAD to hear it. Check him out below!

Y'all grab that Facebook live video of the little man and share Aiden's song. This little kid is all country. He loves talking country songs, and Texas livin'. Katie is a little bit older than Aiden and it was so cool to meet one of our local freshmen at West High School. She tells all her friends about KIXS 108 at school. It was a pleasure to meet them both!

If your school or organization would like to tour the radio station we would love to host you as well. Contact the radio station to arrange a visit in advance and we would love to meet you! In fact, you can download our free station app below and send a text directly to the radio station to begin planning your visit. Happy Weekend! Go 49ers, Go Chiefs!

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