victoria west high school

Victoria West Senior Designs Prosthetic Hand for 8 Year Old
Wow, science! Using a 3-D printer, a senior from Victoria West High School designed a prosthetic hand for a local second grader.
8 year old Ella Jeson, who attends Schorlemmer Elementary School is now able to use her new hand, and has learned to write with it for the very first time...
Victoria West Students Win Engineering Competition
Are public school students as smart as kids in other countries? How about right here in Victoria? When a couple of our very own students from Victoria West High School win an engineering competition, it says a lot. In fact, students from Victoria West won both first and second place in the SPARK A&a…
Upcoming Victoria West Yearbook Party
For those of us who are old enough to have completed school... do you remember how exciting it was when your yearbook came out? Well, it's still that way. Victoria West Warriors are even planning a party!
Victoria West High School Band To Perform Tuesday
In Victoria, we are very proud of our young people and the many pursuits made available to them, not the least of which are the great music programs at all of our fine schools. Tuesday evening you will have a chance to support  the Victoria West High School Band.