Tropical Storm Beta is expected to pull up along the Texas coast east of Port Lavaca late this evening. The following watches and warnings have been issued for the Crossroads area:

The good news is that Tropical Storm Beta has weakened just a bit overnight and really won't have much of a chance to strengthen between now and the time it pulls up to the Texas Coast. Winds could range between 40 and 60 MPH Monday night and Tuesday, with chances for heavy rains for the next few days.

Tropical Storm Beta will arrive along the coast late Monday evening and slowly move to the east over the next couple of days. It could take until early Thursday before the system begins to move out of the area altogether.

Rainfall totals for Day 1 of the storm show Victoria right on the edge of some serious precipitation. Today's estimates call for two to three inches of rain in Victoria and east of Victoria county. Keep in mind that Beta still has a full day to approach and these estimates can and will change.

Tropical Storm Force Winds will arrive as we move through the day today with Monday and Tuesday being our best chance for 40 to 60 MPH winds. By Wednesday into Thursday, we will start to see the storm pull away from the Crossroads.

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