Tropical Storm Beta made landfall late Monday evening and has begun its very slow crawl to the North and East. At 7 AM today the center of the storm was just 12 miles or so to the East of Victoria.

Strong winds of 40 MPH+ will be possible for the next 24 hours along with the chance for several inches of rain. While some areas may not see much, there is still a widespread threat for rain that could cause flooding in the Crossroads area. The following watches and warnings are still in effect for Victoria County and the immediate area:

Sep 22 National Hurricane Center Advisory - Tropical Storm Beta

Tropical Storm Beta was just 12 miles East of Victoria at about 7 AM this morning and will spend the next 24 hours moving towards the Bay City, West Columbia, Galveston area by midday tomorrow. This means Victoria County will continue to see the possibility for heavy rain and strong tropical storm winds for about the next 12-24 hours.

Sep 22 National Hurricane Center Advisory 19 for TS Beta
Winds will continue to move off to the North and East over the next day or two, but with the storm moving at just 3 MPH it's going to take a while for it to move off and out of the Crossroads area. Rainfall totals are also coming down now that Beta is over land. Over the last 24 hours, the city of Victoria has reported the strongest wind gusts so far at 52 MPH.

Sep 22 Rainfall Thunderstorm Forecast Tuesday to Wednesday

Rainfall for day two of the storm is greatly reduced according to this morning's update from the National Weather Service. Victoria could see another inch or two of rain today according to the latest outlook. Bring that umbrella with you today.

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