In case you didn't know, I bleed Spurs Silver and Black.  I have been a Spurs fan since back in the mid 90's, I just had never been to a game... that is until this happened!

My wife and I were getting into the elevator at our hotel in San Antonio. We enter the elevator and we just happen to join SHAQUILLE O'NEAL and his security guard!  We were starstruck!   He was very soft-spoken and a very tall with really big feet LOL.  The Miami Heat were in town for a preseason match up with the Spurs.

We called the front desk to get tickets as soon as we got off the elevator!  And that started our Spurs family tradition!

That was back in 2004,so by this point I knew Tim Duncan was special.  I just did not how special he would end up being. 'The Man' became a model of consistency and was the perfect teammate  The one thing that made me a fan was his no flash, 'get it done attitude.' You know, the same reason that others in the NBA and fans called the Spurs 'boring.'

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Of course, we all know, he is not winning championships without his team! Let me introduce you to 'The Big Three.'  Duncan, Parker, and Ginobili.

However if you are a Spurs fan, you know winning goes way beyond 'The Big Three.'

Whether it's the defensive play of Bruce Bowen, the 3 point shots of Steve Kerr, Patty Mills, or Danny Green, or the monster two-way play of Kawhi Leonard.  All this of course, let by the mastermind, Coach Popovich.  The Spurs always found a way to win!

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In my opinion this winning ways of the Spurs, all goes back to these examples; work ethic, team is everything, and the no-frills attitude of, Mr. Tim Duncan.  He played the game the way it was meant to be played, and for that, he is my favorite basketball player of all time.

Our friends at ESPN also agree that he is an all-time great, and rank him as the #8 basketball player of all time, coming in just ahead of Kobe Bryant!  Check out ESPN's TOP 74 NBA PLAYERS OF ALL TIME.

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I will leave you with Tim Duncan career stat lines: 19.0 PPG, 10.8 RPG, 3.0 APG, 2.2 BPG

5x NBA Champion 99,03,05,07,14

3x NBA Finals MVP 99,03,05

2x NBA MVP 02,03

15X NBA All Star 98, 2000-2011,13,15

NBA Rookie of the Year 2000

NBA All Rookie First Team 2000

NBA All-Star MVP 2000

NBA Teammate of the Year 2015

10x ALL NBA First Team, 3x ALL NBA Second, 2x ALL NBA Third Team,







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