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Sure it's nice to have one big theater, but I personally liked having three different places. This week we remember The Salem Six, Cinema IV, and the Playhouse, and each one of them had its own vibe. Which was your favorite?


I personally think that the Playhouse (Dollar Movies) has the most personality. I mean, every theater was a different size. On the left was that huge big-time theatre and right next to it was the smallest theater that I have seen to this date. This was the Friday night spot for me. You could start out at the adjacent Pizza Hut and take in a dollar flick.
Cinema Treasures
Cinema Treasures


This was a Saturday spot for me. I would spend my entire Saturday at the mall after my parents dropped me off. Anyone else?  I would spend my Saturday's playing games at Tilt, getting the latest cassette single at Camelot, and having a corn dog at Corn Dog 7. My day would close out by catching a flick at Cinema IV.

Cinema Treasures
Cinema Treasures


This was the movie theater that you probably caught the most new releases at.  I still remember the layout.  Most adults went to the movie theater to avoid the bigger crowd of annoying kids. I still remember walking out of theater 3 during the Blair Witch because I got nauseous.

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