Let me start out by saying, YES! that photo was taken on the Sun Valley Stage! I did an article a couple of weeks ago about the Sun Valley Ranch and how it was a Texas hotspot for both the hottest up-and-coming Country and the biggest Tejano artists of the 90s. My first article was about when Emilio Navaira sold out Sun Valley and it brought back so many memories.  This article started to make its way through social media and through Facebook comments, I found my way to this gem of a video of when George Strait performed at the Sun Valley back in the 80s thanks to a comment by Ann David B. on Facebook.

The YouTube video is entitled "George Strait: Unseen for 30 Years, One of His Earliest Interviews" and was posted back in 2013. This just proves that YouTube is a treasure trove for musical history. You just have to know what to type in the search bar.  The footage in the video is from his actual Sun Valley Ranch performance. As you can see all the ladies in the front row were mesmerized by George.  Do you see yourself or recognize anyone in the video?

George says in the interview 'Well I was in the service, and I just for some reason got it in me that I could sing. I thought that I could possibly make a career out of singing." Little did he know. SEE THE FULL INTERVIEW IN THE VIDEO BELOW! I also thank George Strait for his service in our Military. The video was originally made for 'Entertainment Tonight' about 'America's latest heartthrob.' and they filmed it right here in Victoria. How cool is that?  After doing a little searching I found out the concert happened in or close to 1983. Did you attend this show? If so, do you have any ticket stubs or memorabilia? Let us know, we would love to share your story

I know there were so many more great shows from yesteryear in the Crossroads. If you have any ticket stubs, pictures, videos, etc, please send them to me and I could showcase them in my weekly Throwback Thursday series.

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