I have always been interested in stats, especially in my hometown of Victoria.  A couple of months ago, I just posted about the most dangerous intersections in Victoria. Today we find out, that there have been 80 car accidents in Victoria for the month of October.  Four Accident 'hot spots' currently in Victoria include North Navarro from Guy Grant to Loop 463, The downtown area around Rio Grande, the area of Ben Jordan near Liberty Academy(THE OLD VHS), and the stretch of Airline from John Stockabaur to Zac Lentz (Loop 463). The North Navarro portion features three of the most dangerous intersections in Victoria.

Navarro/Guy Grant Intersection

Navarro/Mac Arthur Intersection

Navarro/Frontage Rd(LOOP 463) Intersection

Here are the top 5 contributing factors for the 80 accidents in Victoria during October:

13 accidents were caused by failure to control speed

9 accidents failed to yield right of way; turning left

7 accidents disregarded a stop and go signal

6 accidents had a factor of a person driving under the influence of alcohol

5 accidents failed to yield right of way: stop sign

Construction is currently ongoing on the Navarro median to help in the number of accidents.  A new traffic light has also been installed at the corner of Navarro and Morning Glory, and the signal will go live soon.  Although these measures will assist in the prevention of accidents. Your vigilance and safe driving will be the ultimate safety measure.  Drive safe, my friends.

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