If you live in the Victoria area you know that Navarro can turn into a headache sometimes.  A majority of the accidents in Victoria happen along the Navarro corridor.

Currently, additional traffic safety measures are being added to Navarro in an effort to deter future accidents. Including the installation of a new traffic signal at Navarro and Morning Glory and the extension of the median from Loop 463 southward to Airline Rd.  Do you think the new light is at this location is necessary?



*Construction on the Navarro St. median is set to begin on August 31st. Expect long-term construction and delays. 

In statistics provided by the Texas Department of Transportation, The City of Victoria had 722 accidents in 2019 with 23 of those accidents being serious.  With this stat in mind, I started to wonder where the most accidents occur in Victoria.  So I reached out to the Victoria Police Department to find these stats for 2020!

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Before we get into the top 6 list, I want to send a big thank you to Officer David Brogger from the Victoria Police Department and Crime Analyst, Erin Gabrysch for their research into this topic.


What do you think about the new median going from the Loop southbound to Airline on Navarro? 

What intersection to you think needs a traffic light? 

Please give us your thought below.

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