It really is hard to determine what the future has in store for us.  We have cell phones, flying cars which are $150,000, high definition and 3D televisions.  It really is hard to imagine what else could there be.

That's what I was wondering until I came across this video.  I seen another video for I think Toyota the other day where they took the same idea in this video but put it in a car.  It was really neat and will be a good way to keep the kids busy.  However, with all of this technology have they thought about fingerprints and smudges, and all that good stuff?  As cool as this technology is I could care less about fingerprints. 

Do you think this will be a part of our lives?  How long would you say until we have the ability to do this.  Maybe we already have the technology but just haven't came out with it yet or they are still trying to improve it until it is actually released.  Something else to think about would be will this make us lazy and just plain dumb.  Do we really need technology to do little tasks that us as humans have been doing for thousands of years?