Yes Victoria, we do have a bookstore! And it just reopened to the public. Book lovers in Victoria can again rejoice at the reopening of Texian Books!

Known as 'Victoria's Indie Bookstore', Texian Books is so much more than a bookstore. Texian Books is celebrating it's official reopening with a new location!

That's right, Texian Books is now located right on Main street in the heart of downtown Victoria at 210 South Main.

Opened Monday through Saturday at 10 am, Texian Books offers the Crossroads more than a bookstore.

Have you wanted to join a monthly book club? Texian Books offers the Crossroads a monthly book club where members can now meet over Zoom to discuss the latest popular novels and literature. You can shop the book at Texian Books and join them online.

What about your young adult? Texian Books offers a Young Adult Book Club as well. When this club meets again in August, you can expect good food and great discussions. Exploring the world of young adult literature can instill a love of life long reading. Speaking of which, you and your youngster are invited to join Texian Books for their Friday morning Tiny Texian Facebook Livestream at 10:30 am.

Not ready to shop in person yet? That's okay. Texian Books is still offering curbside and same-day home deliveries.

Established in 2019, Texian Books promises to give the community a unique experience that creates a sense of community & fosters the independent spirit through literacy.

​​Visit their store to browse hundreds of titles in a comforting atmosphere to relax and enjoy your stay. There truly is something for everyone at Texian Books and as Texas reopens there will be even more offerings and events happening at Texian Books.

To find out more information, you can visit Texian Books website here or go by and experience the ambiance for yourself at 201 S. Main Street. You can also call to find out more at 361. 579. 7327 or stay in the loop by signing up for their emails here.

If you just want to browse their selection online, you can do so here.

Yes, Victoria does have a bookstore, Texian Books, and it's awesome!

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