HD Video: The DIY Magic of Amateur Radio
You've probably read my many posts about the hobby and service of amateur (aka "ham") radio. Some folks think that amateur radio is an "outdated" technology, but as this brief video shows, ham radio remains on the cutting-edge of communications. If you know of a younger person who shows an interest in technology, please share this video with them. Did you know that some kids as
Making Wheelchairs Obsolete
We live in truly amazing times! Medical advances seem to happen almost every week, especially for those who have suffered an injury to their spinal cord. I have a "bonus" son (my preferred term for "stepson") who has a spinal cord injury. While he is not a complete paraplegic, he has to use a bulky leg brace to stand upright, and a cane to walk. This TekRMD® Robotic Mobilizatio
Are Vinyl Records Making A Comeback?
Yes, I'm old enough to remember vinyl records...I still have a bunch, and a turntable on which to play them! The old saying, "Everything 'old' is 'new' again" seems to be true with the way folks like to listen to music. As I said, I still have probably a couple of hundred albums, dozens of 45's, and even a few box sets! I've always thought vinyl sounded better than just about anything th
¡Viva CES Las Vegas 2014!
What would life be like without electronics? Well, for one thing, you wouldn't be reading this epic piece of blogging, because there wouldn't be any computers, smart phones, tablets, or even radio! Every year about this time, electronics developers, manufacturers, and marketers all get together in Las Vegas, NV for the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES). This is where the "cutting edge&qu
Dream Big STEM Expo
As part of their school day on Thursday, Victoria ISD eighth-grade students will attend the Dream Big Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Expo at the Victoria College Health Science Building (2200 N. Red River St.). They'll be learning about great career opportunities in the STEM fields that are available in the Crossroads region.
Meet The ‘Real’ Siri
With Apple releasing the iOS 7.0 update today, and the new line of iPhones this Friday, the automated voice of "Siri" will be heard a lot in the next few days. But did you know the synthesized 'voice' of Siri has an actual human voice behind her? Meet the professional voice actor whose voice is becoming one of the most-heard the world over!
A Lego’s Journey To Space!
This really makes me want to do something like this.  How in the world did he get the live feed or the video though.  You have to love good ole technology!

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