KIXS 108 and Post Acute Medical join forces to recognize service men and women who have served. We thank them, we salute them, and we honor all who have fought for our freedom. This week we would like to recognize Randy Hudson.

He served in the US Navy – 1971- 1976 – 2nd Class Petty Officer Hospital Corpsman HM2
Served 5yrs with duties on the East Coast & West Coast – Most of Mr. Hudson’s service was on the USS Hancock.Mr. Hudson while on the USS Hancock did tours in Hawaii, Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Saigon in Vietnam. When Vietnam fell in 1975 this was the last cruise for the USS Hancock before being decommissioned.

Mr. Hudson had a front row seat to being a part of the evacuation of Vietnam. They used large military transport vehicles out of Saigon airport until the North Vietnamese came in and bombed the airport. Then they evacuated Vietnamese and Civilian Officials from roof tops. Our military used South Vietnamese pilots in support and they flew Huey helicopters. There were so many of these helicopters in support that there became no room for pilots to land and take off so they began to push the helicopters overboard to make room for the other pilots to land. Mr. Hudson stated it was interesting because below deck were CIA helicopters that were not thrown overboard. Mr. Hudson also stated that the sky became very dark due to the fuel from so many helicopters flying. They evacuated over 2000 soldiers and civilians.

There was a German nurse that worked at one of the orphanages there in Saigon, and he was able to grab one of the babies at the orphanage and was brought on board. This baby was baptized by the Ship Chaplain and the German nurse named him John Guyen Hancock Hoffield. Mr. Hudson stated that this person would be in his 40’s now, wherever he is today. There was also a mother with appendicitis and had 2 children. Mr. Hudson took care of her two children – 4yr old & 6yr old while their mother was having her appendix removed. After all of this Mr. Hudson remembered that is was back to normal routine ship life.

Upon returning home Mr. Hudson remembers it very clearly. There was a helicopter that flew over the ship and dropped rose pedals over the whole ship. There were also fire boats that sprayed over the flight deck red, white, and blue coloring. Mr. Hudson stated that is was really impressive and very memorable.

Mr. Hudson comes from a service oriented family. His Father – Gail Hudson served in the Army during WWII. He also was visited the Philippines during his time in the military.

Mr. Hudson stumbled upon letters his father wrote to his mother while he was in WWII and he remembered the overall theme of his letters was that he was lonely, missed his wife Shirley and that he needed razors and would always ask for Shirley to send him razors. Mr. Hudson stated that his father always had to have a clean shaven face all his life. He remembers that fondly of his father. His father was 19yrs old when he served in WWII.
Mr. Hudson’s brother also served in the Navy. He was fortunate to serve on the East coast and went on a Mediterranean cruise while he was in. His brother was able to visit the Arctic circle as well. He was on the USS Kennedy. Mr. Hudson shared with me that in Lubbock, Tx where he was born and raised, there is a memorial wall called – Lubbock Veterans Memorial and there are 8 Hudson’s on the wall. Each have their own brick engraved on the Memorial.

Mr. Hudson’s Father in law – Bill Davis – was also in the Navy. He was a Navy Ensign. He graduated from Baylor and Mr. Hudson shared with me while speaking with him that the typewriter in his office was once his father in laws and has been all over the world. His father was part of the TEAM that served to rebuild Japan after the bomb dropped and he took the typewriter with him during his service time.

Mr. Hudson stated that he would not change a thing of his service and that he really enjoyed his time in the military except for one opportunity that slipped out of his hands without his control. Mr. Hudson was getting ready to cross the equator and this is a very special moment for a Navy man. If you get to cross the equator you become a shellback and you get to eat steak when you cross again. There is also a great event for first timers that cross. Mr. Hudson stated that you get to crawl your way through a putrid mountain of garbage and once through you are privileged to kiss Neptune’s belly, which is the belly of the most slovenly sailor on board. Yes, you literally get to kiss his belly. So, Mr. Hudson has this one regret the he will forever be a pollywog and not a shellbeck. He missed out on this because as they were approaching the equator they were called to Vietnam.

Mr. Hudson has been married to his wife Shirley for 38 years. They have raised one son together and they are blessed to also have 2 grandchildren. Mr. Hudson went to school out of the military at Covenant School of nursing and also Lubbock Christian University. He received his Degree in nursing 10yrs ago from Lubbock Christian University. He started out in Endoscopy & Perioperative care. He then evolved into compliance where he still is today and has been for the past 20yrs. Mr. Hudson worked previously with Fundamental Healthcare Tx Specialty Hospital for 2.5yrs before joining the PAM TEAM here in Victoria – July 2016. We are honored to have Mr. Hudson (Randy) on our TEAM.

He also stated that he took his grandkids to visit the USS Lexington and they couldn’t believe that their Granddad lived on one of those. “They were impressed,” stated Mr. Hudson with a big grin.

Both Mr. Hudson and his wife share a great passion for music and are both musicians. Shirley plays the Harp and Randy the Cello. They really like to share their musical talents in the community and are very active in their Church’s music ministry – Northside Baptist.

“Both my father and father in law were great inspirations to me. They are the true hero’s.”

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