An Austin American Stateman photographer is suing the owners of UT Austin's beloved mascot Bevo (#15) for an incident that shook everyone up on camera during 2019's Sugar Bowl pregame between UT and Georgia.

According to an article provided by multiple sources, including Austin American Stateman photographer Nick Wagner is suing both Bevo's owners John and Betty Baker as well as the Silver Spurs Alumni Association for gross negligence led that according to Mr. Wagner left permanent injuries.

Mr. Wagner relayed his side of the story stating he was crouched low to get a better photo of UT rival mascot Georgia bulldog, Uga, when during the pregame activities the dog was set down close to Bevo's pen. It happened quickly which was caught on video that you can view below. It appears Bevo charged at Uga and Mr. Wagner found himself somewhere in the middle between the two. " Before I know it, I got horns coming up behind me," Wagner explained in an article by Banner Society. In the video, Mr. Wagner is in a gray cap holding camera equipment, on his knee, as Bevo comes through the pen as Wagner attempts to get out of the steer's way.

Bevo (#15) owners, John and Betty Baker of William County Texas, were originally asked in 1988 by UT representatives if they would consider allowing UT to use the Longhorn steer they were raising as their next Bevo Mascot. They have been raising and training Bevo mascots ever since.

Bringing a Longhorn steer to UT games has been a tradition since 1918 and it's a responsibility UT and Bevo owners and handlers take seriously. "It's kind of like your kid down there," Betty Baker, a former UT graduate and twirler, said in an interview with KVUE. Here is a video of the Baker's from 2018, from KVUE as the Baker's explain what it's like to raise and care for Bevo mascots since they started 30 years ago.

The Silver Spurs is a student-run organization at UT that trains and works with Bevo at every game. Everyone was caught off guard, including it appears the Silver Spurs as Bevo charges Uga. We've included a 2018 video provided by Austin American Stateman from an interview they hosted of the Silver Spurs organization a year before the incident, which introduces Bevo 15 and how the Silver Spurs care for him.

Here is the video of the incident provided by ESPN College Football replayed in various angles. In each of the video clips, you can see photographer Nick Wilson trying to get out of the way during the charge.

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It was an unfortunate event and we hope all parties involved reach a common ground. We will keep you posted.

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