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Here you go UT fans! It's Joran Whittington in the HOUSE! 

With just a few hours away from tonight's game between Texas and Kansas State, we thought we'd give UT fans an opportunity to ask fan favorite and one of our very own, Jordan Whittington of Cuero Texas a few questions!

We want to thank Titan Factory Direct for sponsoring these exclusive Zoom videos with Jordan. If fact, if you are in the market for a new mobile home, Titan is THE premier mobile home dealership in the Crossroads and ALL UT fans who mention these interviews with Jordan and KIXS 108 are immediately eligible for exclusive deals.

If you are a fan of UT, you do NOT WANT TO MISS these exclusive VIP interviews with Jordan. In fact, we welcome you to submit your questions in advance and we ask Jordan as many as we can in each interview. It's easy, just message us your questions on our station app!

Here is our latest interview as UT gears up for tonight's game.

Can I just take a moment to mention how much I love this young man's smile?

Okay back to our regularly scheduled program... lol

Million dollar smile! 

So, what do you think we should ask Jordan next week? Have a comment or suggestion for Jordan? We can mention those too! Just leave us a message on the app and stay tuned for more great college ball and more great interviews with Jordan Whittington ahead!

The Eyes Of Texas are Upon Us, and We've Got Jordan Whittington In The House! Go LONGHORNS!!!!!!


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