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Can we just talk about Jordan Whittington's smile for a second?

That kid's smile always lights up the room! No matter when we talk to him he has a smile on his face, so it's always a pleasure to get the skinny from our very own, Cuero-raised, UT's #4, Jordan Whittington!

Now let's talk interview recap!

This week we mixed it up a bit and took our weekly interview with Jordan, thanks to our sponsor, Weber Motor Company, in a bit of a different direction.

In today's interview, we talk with Jordan about his athletic family, his favorites in Austin and we get his thoughts on the now-viral video of UT coach Bo Davis giving his players his thoughts on the bus ride home after last week's loss.

Athleticism runs in Jordan's family.

Jordan comes from a very large, very athletic family. In fact, Jordan's nine siblings' interests include football, boxing, and personal training. But he also has a brother who serves in the Air Force, and one who sings country music too! Jordan reveals that his first love was baseball. It sounds like his siblings also enjoyed soccer too!

Jordan recommends the ribs! 

Speaking of things Jordan enjoys, his favorite restaurant in Austin is County Line BBQ. Next time you're in Austin Jordan recommends brisket fries and the ribs! That's now on our bucket list next time we're there!

Jordan might surprise you!

For those of you who are wondering about how Jordan's injury is doing, he reveals that he feels like he could possibly play in a Bowl game soon. In fact, he says " I might surprise you!" We sure hope he does! 

Jordan's thoughts on the viral UT Lineman Coach Bo Davis Video

"I would have probably said the same thing," Jordan offers straight away when we ask about his thoughts on the now-viral video with UT coach Bo Davis saying his peace to his players after last week's game. " I think everyone on the team and the fans agree that he said what needed to be said." Jordan offers as well. "No one is looking at him in a negative way."

Jordan's plan for the future includes opening a restaurant! 

You heard it here FIRST! Jordan who is a senior at UT this year and majoring in public relations is seriously considering opening a jazz restaurant!

We just hope he stays in Texas! 

Thank you again to Weber Motor Company for sponsoring our time with Jordan, and thank you Crossroads for listening to our Townsquare Media stations!

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