According a study by NYT and as reported by KHOU-11. The University of Texas at Austin the more COVID-19 cases than any other university in the Country.


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UT topped this list with 449 cases since the coronavirus pandemic began. Some cases  were linked to a group of spring breakers returning to Austin from Cabo San Lucas. According to a CDC report, 64 out of 231 people during the outbreak investigation tested positive for coronavirus. This happened just after Spring Break!

Here a a list of the Top 5 Universities on the list:

1. University of Texas with 449 cases

2. University of Central Florida with 438 cases,

3. University of Georgia with 390 cases,

4. University of Washington with 249 cases

5. University of Florida with 217 cases.

How are the colleges in Victoria handling the COVID-19 situation?

Victoria College update:

1. Real-time Remote

2. Face to Face

3. Alternating

4. Online

5. Hybrid

If you plan on stepping foot on campus for fall 2020, you will be required to wear a facial covering, have their temperatures taken and pass a health screening before entering the classroom. Social distancing will also be required.

Get more information about Victoria College fall 2020 guidelines and dates by clicking here.

UHV Updates:

At this time, UHV is in of a of the Victoria campus and UHV Katy. will start Aug. 3, when about 30 percent of staff will come back to the Victoria campus and UHV Katy. Both locations are expected to be in by Aug. 24, the start of the fall semester, when about 70 percent of faculty and staff will return. Fall semester classes will be offered both in-person and online with classrooms limited to 50 percent occupancy to maintain social distancing.

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