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Austin, Texas has already exceeded the Stage 5 threshold.

Austin Texas, Travis County has surpassed the Stage 5 threshold for COVID as they continue to see 50 plus new cases of COVID in hospitals daily. And it looks like Texas as a whole is seeing an uptick in cases which includes Victoria County.

KXAN reports that the new guidelines for Austin may include, " For people who are vaccinated and are high-risk they should avoid large gatherings where masks are not required. For people who are unvaccinated, the recommendations will likely include choosing curbside or delivery and only leaving home for essential activities in a mask.

 Victoria County Health Department Director, David Gonzales, offers his thoughts.

In a report made late last week and aired on Townsquare Extra, Victoria Report this past Sunday, Victoria Public Health Director David Gonzales offers that a portion of the problem of increasing numbers of cases stems from the continued reluctancy of Texans, and in our community's case, Victorians reluctance to get vaccinated.

"Right now we are seeing about 80% of the current COVID cases in our community testing positive with the Delta strain of the virus along with only 42% of our county vaccinated. It's tough, we are seeing heightened cases of COVID throughout the community and constantly battling social media myths," Director Gonzales offers.

Why are less than half of our community vaccinated?

Director Gonzales offers that there are several variables that include first and foremost bad information on social media. He advises each of us to seek reliable sources and offers that the Victoria Public Health Department is open to calls and emails from community members. " Social media is a battle, which creates hesitancy and fear. The vaccines have been proven safe and effective. I've been vaccinated." Convenience and scheduling, as well as transportation, are also common issues.

Where can our Crossroads community get vaccinated?

The Victoria Public Health Department offers the Moderna vaccine every Tuesday at the Patti Dodson Health Clinic. On August 5th and 26th, the Victoria County Public Health Department will be working with other agencies to present the Pfizer vaccine, offered to ages 12 and up to the community from 9 am to 3 pm as well.

Stage 5 Status

Stage 5 status is the highest threat level to a community in regards to the spread and treatment availability of COVID and its variants, most recently the Delta variant.

Be safe Victoria.

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