Healthy Aging Conference Helps Seniors Stay Healthy
Like it or not, we're all getting older. With age comes different needs to keep ourselves and our loved ones healthy, and that's what the Healthy Aging Conference is all about.
Celebrating its 21st year, the Healthy Aging Conference is the only regional conference devoted exclusively to edu…
Show You Care by Giving Blood this Thursday
Having worked with the South Texas Blood & Tissue Center here in Victoria quite a bit over the years, we know how important it is to give blood. The need for this precious fluid is ongoing, but sometimes it's difficult to see how it affects people we know, our friends and neighbors.
City of Victoria to Start Water Disinfection Process on Sunday
Victoria residents need to be aware that the city will be switching the public water system to a free chlorine process for a month which may affect dialysis patients and other residents.
This Sunday (April 1st), the city will switch to the process, which is expected to improve water quality in the ci…
What Texas Cities are the Fattest?
In this world of fast food and instant gratification, it's easy to blow your diet and put on a few extra pounds. Take it from me, I never met a midnight snack I didn't like. How fat are Texans in general?
According to the financial website WalletHub, not that bad compared to the rest of the…

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