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We love a challenge around these parts, especially when it means we can brag that everything really is bigger, better, faster, stronger, in Texas.

And it's with this in mind that we present, ' Ten Texas World Records You Might Not Have Known About.' It's our chance to boast about what makes Texas the most!

Ten Texas World Records You Might Not Know Existed

10. Texas is famous for its cheerleaders, so how one that won a world record after 35 consecutive handsprings?!  Thank you to the Youtube page for this great video of Miranda Ferguson getting after those handsprings!

9Moontower Pizza Bar gets the bar high! This Texas pizzeria is famous for its Biggest Pizza EVA! Thank you to YOLO TX TV for this Youtube video.

8. Sweet Shoppe, Now that's a truffle! This Texas confection store attempted to make the biggest truffle of all time. Thank you to Official Best of America for covering Sweet Shoppe in this Youtube video!

7. We're talking about a serious world record! Where else but Texas for the largest bat colony in the world. Here is a Youtube video from Earth Touch showcasing this massive Mexican free-tailed bat colony.

6.You better believe 500 gallons of H-E-B Texan Tackle Crackle ice-cream was used for the world record sundae in TEXAS! This video was uploaded by Zac Jackson. I wonder if he got to sample the world's largest sundae?

5. Butter Sculptures are a THING! We don't have the video of the original world record, but we do have a video from Ripley's Believe It or Not, that shows the work behind butter sculptures.

4. We think this should be the next TikTok dance sensation! Here is how to dance Huapango thanks to Ariana Lolandes.

3. The Biggest Mickey Mouse Memorabilia Collection is here in Texas! You can take a whirlwind tour of Esteves collection thanks to this Youtube video provided by Guinness World Records.

2. Look Ma, no hands! Can you eat a hot dog like this? You go, Nathan Miller! Thank you for this Youtube video too.

1. It's painful to watch but Dude Perfect had this great video on Overtime on Youtube. He set the world record for the longest walk on legos!  Watch and cringe. Watch and cringe.

Think you can break one of these records? Maybe we should get together for a group attempt at something in the Crossroads! Im up for it if you are! To clarify...if it's an eating challenge I'm up for it. Can't tell you the last time I tried to sculpt butter and walking on Legos does not seem like a good time to me!



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