Demonstrations May Thwart Crossroads Travelers
Over the course of the weekend, protesting continued in major cities throughout Texas including Austin, San Antonio, Austin, and Dallas.
Gov. Greg Abbott declared Texas a State of Disaster for all Texas counties following the violence that broke out during protests among these major cities, expressin…
Austin, Dallas on Short List for Amazon Headquarters
Amazon is expanding, which probably come as no surprise since so much online shopping comes from there, and they are looking for a place to put a second headquarters. On the list of possible locations are both Austin and Dallas.
A total of 20 locations are being considered that were announced last we…
BBB: How to Avoid Buying Counterfeit Event Tickets
You're excited. You've found what you think is a "great" deal on a pair of tickets to that big concert, championship tournament, or other big event. You buy the tickets, drive to Austin, San Antonio, Houston, or maybe even make the trek all the way up to Dallas. When you get to the doors o…

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