When you have as great a basketball team as the San Antonio Spurs to root for, you know the city will be a good one for fans. As a matter of fact, San Antonio is ranked as the 3rd best in the nation for basketball fans, just behind Boston and Los Angeles.

the website WalletHub compared metrics including performance level of pro and college teams, ticket prices, stadium accessibility, number of sports bars per capita, and other factors. For example, the Spurs have the highest performance level among NBA teams at 71.14%, that's 3 times better that the Orlando Magic the team with the lowest level.

Here's the Best cities according to the study.

Best Cities for Basketball Fans

1. Los Angeles, CA

2. Boston, MA

3. San Antonio, TX

4. Salt Lake City, UT

5. Oakland, CA

6. Cleveland, OH

7. Miami, FL

8. Washington, DC

9. Chicago, IL

10. Orlando, FL



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