Pressures at work. Worry because you can't find work. Conflicts at home. Loss, loneliness. These are just a few of life's challenges that can lead to feelings of depression, or worse. But there's a big difference between "feeling down," and true mental illness issues that need to be addressed with professional help. How can you tell if you need to seek counseling and/or treatment? Here are eight signs that you need to pay attention to. From "The Third Metric" at

Everyone experiences periods of stress, sadness, grief and conflict, so when you're feeling off it can be hard to know if it's time to see a professional about the problem. And apparently, those who would benefit from some therapeutic intervention are not seeking it enough: While one in five American adults suffer from some form of mental illness, only about 46-65 percent with moderate-to-severe impairment are in treatment, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.


And while identifying and managing diagnosable mental illness is a priority in the psychiatric community, psychological help for those without a clear condition to manage can be just as important. Aside from suffering needlessly, those in distress may actually make the problem worse by avoiding professional help.


You can learn the 8 signs, along with more information at the link below. Keeping our bodies and minds healthy are vital in today's fast-paced world! Stay healthy, my friends!

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