Detar Counseling and Wellness Center Open House
May is Mental Health Awareness month and Detar Counseling and Wellness Center is having an open house on Wednesday May, 11 from 5-7.  Stop on in a visit with the staff and grab a snack.  Joseph Smullen is a LCSW(therapist at the counseling and wellness center) and Eliza, a physician liaison for behavioral health and will have information that you need...
Should You See A Therapist?
Pressures at work. Worry because you can't find work. Conflicts at home. Loss, loneliness. These are just a few of life's challenges that can lead to feelings of depression, or worse. But there's a big difference between "feeling down," and true mental illness issues that need to be addressed with professional help. How can you tell if you need to seek counseling and/or treatment? Here a