Our friends at the City of Victoria Main Street Program, Director Danielle Williams says many residents have reached out to her with similar stories about the historic structures in downtown Victoria, ranging from unexplained sights and sounds to a simple feeling of being watched. I love this topic and I can add it.  I will share my two experiences below.


There are two places in Downtown Victoria that I have had 'ghostly' experiences at and both have happened while setting up or tearing down my DJ equipment.  Let's start with the Club Westerner. On at least three different occasions, while setting up. I have had the sensation of being watched. I was setting up around 8 AM each of these times and nobody else was in the building with me. So I just let it go until I saw a FB post. In this FB status, a  picture was posted showing a ghostly couple dancing on the dancefloor at the Club Westerner. So maybe I wasn't imagining things. Does anyone have this picture? If so, please send Have you ever felt anything at the Club Westerner?

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The old Hauschild Opera House formerly the Golden Gecko and currently the Hause Venue. Many late nights after DJing at the Gecko, I ventured upstairs to explore the opera house. The time was usually between 230-330 AM. I will add that this was before a lot of the renovations were done by the Golden Gecko. On many different occasions, I heard unexplained noises and just had an overall eerie feeling.  Which I have heard from many different people. Even today as the Hause Venue it still has a creepy feel after midnight when I am tearing down.


 A woman living in a historic home in downtown Victoria often hears footsteps going up and down the stairs—even though the staircase was removed years ago. Interesting. Now, the Main Street Program is inviting Victoria residents to share stories about their own paranormal experiences. The stories will be compiled into a map that residents and visitors can use to take a self-guided tour of haunted places downtown.

Danielle Williams says  “Downtown is where Victoria began, and it’s full of history.” “Generations of Victorians have lived and died here, and some are even buried in Memorial Park. We wanted to give residents a way to share their experiences with others who may want to go looking for ghosts or simply gain a fresh perspective on the history of Victoria’s downtown.”

Residents can submit their stories at by Aug. 31. Williams plans to have the map ready in time for the Halloween season.

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