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Texarkana Texas Reports Fish Falling From The Sky

When I first heard about fish falling from the sky last year in Texarkana, it was so bizarre to me that I just pushed it out of my memory. We are a hard-core fishing family so fish just falling from the sky was inconceivable.

Fish, birds, frogs, and OMG yes, even snakes falling from the sky is actually a recorded phenomenon called "animal rain" and the rain of flightless animals has been reported throughout history.

In fact, just fifteen years ago Arkansas has a massive rain of blackbirds. On a side note, this event was made even weirder because it was New Year's Day. Happy New Year! Here are 5,000 blackbirds falling to their death in your neighborhood!

Researchers believe in the case of Arkansas blackbirds, blunt force trauma was the most logical exclamation. They were flying too low after a fireworks show and crashed into "stuff." Hmmm.

What's the explanation?

Well according to NBCDFW, Texana's fish story has a logical explanation. Last week, Sharon Hill, a geologist and independent researcher based in Pennsylvania, and Paul Cropper, an author in Australia, shared their findings that a flock of birds may have regurgitated the fish while flying over the East Texas town.

Regurgitated fish y'all. 

I'm no scientist, but I can't understand if it's just "a flock of birds" regurgitating fish, why doesn't this happen all of - the - time.

One witness said, " That must be the reason because we noticed some of the fish were partly chewed up."

Hmmm. That sounds pretty fishy.

The only real logical explanation is that aliens came down from outer space, wanted a quick snack, and grabbed some fish in Texarkana when suddenly their superiors demanded they returned to their galaxy mid-meal for a corporate meeting and warned that they better not come back with tuna breath.

End of story.

No really, that's the end of my story.

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