A new movie will be hitting the box office this year and in a way we have seen it before.  This time it might be a little different simply for the fact that Nazis are included.

I'm sure everyone has seen the movies where aliens come from space and try to take over Earth.  Same old story line in every one and just to prove it, just think of these movies. Cowboys vs. Aliens, Independence Day, Signs, Transformers, Monsters (2010) Battle: Los Angeles, Skyline, Super 8, District 9, Men in Black, III Battleship.  I'm sure I have left out a few but you hopefully get my point.

Like I said earlier the difference with this movie is Nazis.  Evidently after WWII they escaped to the moon and 70 years later they are out for revenge!  Great idea for a movie and I guess we will just have to see if a plot like this will flop or be a success.

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