During an interview to promote his memoir, "Red: My Uncensored Life in Rock" Sammy Hagar claimed he has twice made contact with extra-terrestrials.

The former Van Halen front-man didn't include the full details of the encounters in his book, because his co-author told him people wouldn't want to hear about them. However, the 63-year old explained to MTV Hive that he was first contacted by aliens as a four-year-old when he threw rocks at a low flying UFO, before blacking out for a while.

Then, about 30 years ago, aliens visited Hagar again, this time by making a "wireless" connection with him. According to Hagar, they "downloaded something into me" and maybe also "uploaded something from my brain."

Hagar acknowledges these claims make him "sound like a crazy person" but insists these encounters were "real."

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