What must have been a terrifying experience for the store clerks occurred last week during a robbery at the well-known 7-11 Convenience Store on 77, known as "Chubby's" by locals.

Victoria Crime Stoppers reports, "On December 11, 2020 at approximately 3:55 am, four subjects robbed the 7-11 convenience store on the 5600 block of US Hwy 77 S.  Two subjects tied up the clerks while the others attempted to break into an ATM at the location.  They were unable to break into the ATM and left the store, taking some merchandise and cash from the registers with them when they fled."

The Victoria County Sheriff's Department reports that the robbery was "an isolated targeted robbery" and thankfully, no serious injuries were reported.

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You can watch the video as the four robbers enter and exit Chubby's on the Victoria Crime Stoppers Facebook page below.

Chief Deputy, Will Franklin, kindly offers some timely advice to Victoria county residents in regards to holiday safety tips, including to be sure to be diligent with picking up your packages as soon as possible, especially when they are delivered to your door, and to be wary of any " delivery employees" that are not wearing official uniforms or delivery anything you didn't order.

"I would say that if anyone comes to your door that you are not sure about, or are offering to deliver a package you didn't order, simply ask them to leave the delivery at your door. Do not open the door."

Chief Deputy Franklin further adds that during the holidays home invasions are more common across the nation and have occurred in Victoria in the past as well.

Crime Stoppers is looking for more information regarding the Chubby's robbery. Tips can also be submitted via the P3 Tips app or via our website, or at www.crimestoppersvictoria.com.

All tips are completely anonymous and if you give information that leads to arrest or to charges being filed, you could earn a cash reward. Investigator A. Martinez with the Victoria County Sheriff's Office is investigating and can be reached at 361-575-0651.

Be extra careful when leaving the bank and ATMs as well!

Here are just a few of the most recent robberies in Texas recently, including a man who was followed after leaving a bank in SA and robbed of $8,000.00!

Stay safe and VIGILANT Victoria! 

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