Fox News 7 shared some unsettling video footage over the weekend of the Jefes Tacos truck employees being robbed at gunpoint inside their food truck.

The owners of Jefes Taco Truck released the footage to the media in hopes of catching the gun-wielding robber who made their way inside the food truck. The owner told Fox News the robber was specifically asking for cash and asking the worker in the truck where the money was. I don't know how the employee stays so cool with a gun being pointed in her face but she shows nerves of steel during the robbery.

Rogelino says he has been a part of the food industry in South Texas for 20 years. While it's not the first time he has been robbed, he told Fox he had never seen such an aggressive criminal before, explaining the man in the video shoved the gun into the employee's neck which left a large contusion.

Opening the cash register wasn't enough for the criminal, they even stole the tip jar and the employee's purse which contained money she was planning to send to her family for the holidays. Lozano says the thief got away with about $500.

Nobody want's to be robbed, especially so close to the holidays. The staff at Jefes is hoping that anyone who might recognize the man in the video will call Austin police or Travis CO Crime Stoppers at 512-472-TIPS, and help these hard-working folks recover what was stolen from them so close to Christmas.

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