J.R Castillo stopped by the studio this morning to talk about his up coming show Saturday night at the Bee County Expo Center.  He is the headliner for the Junior Livestock and Homemaker show this weekend.  JR has recently signed with the Big Machine Record label, an exciting start to a new journey!  It's safe to say JR worked hard to get where he is today and is an exquisite song writer.   Castillo recalls. “I saw that people all the sudden weren’t just out there dancing and having a good time, their attention was on the song that I’d written. The reaction of those first few folks—they don’t realize it, the influence they had—as they were out there listening and giving me those words of encouragement after they heard the songs, it really encouraged me to continue with the song writing. It really set me on the path that I’m on today.”  You can catch a high energy show this Saturday night and for a sneak peak click here to check out his performance live on KIXS 108 this morning "Like I Love You." Be sure you keep here at KIXS 108 for his latest single to be released soon.  KIXS 108 brining you  live performances on the morning show.