Crime Analyst Erin Gabrysch from the Victoria Police Department has just released an accident report for car accidents that have happened in Victoria in 2021. As of August 4th, there have been 575 car accidents in Victoria so far.  It looks like Victorian's has a problem controlling their speed.  The top contributing factor for crashes in Victoria is SPEED(86 crashes or 15%)

The Victoria Police Department also released the top intersections for accidents in Victoria.  Intersections on Navaro have four of the top 5 accident hot spots in Victoria. Below is a list of the top 5 intersections for crashes in 2021:

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5. There have been 6 accidents at the corner of Morning Glory and Navarro. Alongside the median, there was also a traffic light installed at this intersection in hopes of bringing the number of accidents down at this intersection.

T -3  There have been 7 accidents at the corner of the Navarro and Glascow.  There is so much going on at this intersection including two left lanes that take you Southbound on Navarro from Placido Benavides.

T- 3 There have also been 7 accidents at the corner of Rid Grande and Laurent.   The only intersection not located on Navarro. 

2. There have been 8 accidents at the corner of Navarro and Broadmoor.  This is the very northern point of the median on Navarro and it is also the intersection that leads you into Sam's

1. There have been 15 accidents at Zac Lentz(Loop 463 feeder) and Navarro. This continues to be an accident hotspot in Victoria. 



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