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Question of the Day on our station Facebook pages

If you follow us on Facebook, and you should for great local content, contests, and the best of music news, you know we also include Questions of the Day or "Q of the D" as our listeners call them on our Facebook pages as well.

Turns out one of our Questions of the Day this week has made hearts happy!

That question is, "You're getting married where you met your partner. Where is the wedding going to be?" 

So much fun! I met my husband at the Victoria College Library. I would have LOVED to marry him at the VC Library! 

Here is a gallery of TEN of the responses we got from our listeners.

You Are Getting Married Where You Met Your Partner, Where Is The Wedding Going To Be?

We always have so much fun with our listeners during our Question of the Day. This Q of the D cracked us up AND melted our hearts!

We want to include everyone so here is the full Facebook post. You are welcome to add your response too!

Everyone loves a love story!

Thank you to all of our listeners on all our stations for joining us in the fun on Facebook! Stay tuned Monday for the next Q of the D!

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