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Today is Friendsgiving for the Victoria Market at Townsquare Media and that means friends, food, and reflection around the table inside the Mac Haik Performance Center.

We've been through some hard times (COVID) and some good times ( Intern to Employed) but the best part of this last year has been the strengthened sense of family that developed through all of the ups and downs.

Spending lunch today with the team reminded me of even more reasons to be thankful and naturally, when I think of our team I think of community.

There are so many things to be thankful for in the Crossroad. You are more than welcome to message us on your favorite station app to add what about our community you are most thankful for too!

Ten Things to be Thankful for in the Crossroads

Number 10- The Street of Ten Friends

Victoria has such a rich history! Founded by empresario Martin DeLeon, DeLeon supposedly named ten of his closest friends, whom he felt he could entrust to the Victoria Community and for that we have a literal Street of Ten Friends.

You can read more about the renovation of the Street of Ten Friends here.

Number 9- Our endearing Mexican heritage

Did you know Victoria was originally named Villa de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe Victoria Nombre de Jesús? 

We have a vibrant Mexican heritage and opportunities to celebrate that heritage all year long. That being said, the Nave Museum board and volunteers do an amazing job to educate and promote our heritage every October during their annual Dias De Los Muertos celebration.

Number 8- We have an outstanding art community.

From the Victoria Art League to the Five Points Museum, we really have a strong art community. But what about the Victoria Symphony, the Bach Festival, Here Be Monsters, Theatre Victoria, and Victoria Ballet? They are all over the top when it comes to performances, exhibits, and the opportunity for artists.

Number 7- We are growing.

We are a growing community and it's awesome to have been a resident for the last three decades watching our community develop. One of the biggest examples of our growth is VC and the UHV campuses. WOW!

This is exactly why we are often called a Little Big City and we are here for it! 

Number 6- Our parks keep getting better.

It's exciting to see that our community is growing, but have you kept up with the movement with Victoria Parks and Recreation and the City of Victoria? Riverside Park truly is a treasure and great things are ahead for several of our parks in the years ahead. The same for downtown Victoria and the Victoria Farmers Market!

Number 5- Our Very Own Brother Gary Moses

It's just a part of what makes Victoria so great, everyone has a brother in Gary Moses. He loves what he does, and it shows, and what he does is promote our community. Every town needs a Gary Moses.

Number 4- Our Entrepreneurial Spirit

Love shopping local? The Crossroads is filled with great mom-and-pop shops, retail stores, restaurants, and businesses that were created with a single dream to serve this community. One of the best stories of starting small and growing through the years in the community is our very own Venturas. They started selling tamales on the side of the road, but look at them now. Still family-owned and still continuing to grow. Have you ever thought of how many family-owned businesses we have in this community?

Number 3- Live music surrounds us.

Schroeder Hall was just named the live music venue of the year. There are dozens upon dozens of local live music venues throughout the Crossroads and around these parts, we think of music as the window to the soul, so whether you visit Schroeder, Dodge City, Aerocrafters, a live concert downtown in any surrounding community, or right here at the VIP Mac Haik Performace Center, you are sure to have a good time, and isn't that what life is all about?

Number 2- Our kids keep coming back to raise their kids

One of the best things about the Crossroads is that it's perfect for a growing family. Not too big, not too small and we continue to be tickled at how many of our friend's children return to start their families here as well. Welcome back, and welcome home.

Number 1- Our generous spirit

There are countless times when we have heard from absolute strangers as well as our own community members that "Victoria has a generous spirit." Just think about the Field of Dreams. Hundreds of volunteers coming together to serve the greater good. Not every community has a Field of Dreams, and there isn't any community quite like ours. Fundraising for others is a part of who we are.

We could not agree more and we could not be more proud of that. 

Let us know what you think is something to be grateful for at the Crossroads. How about our Victoria Police Department and Fire Department and our first responders? The list is endless. And that's one of the best things about being thankful. Once you start, you won't be able to stop and that's really what Thanksgiving is all about.

Happy Thanksgiving y'all. 

Ten Things to Be Thankful for in the Crossroads






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