Not only was last night Chase Brown's first show in Victoria in years. It was also a very special night for daughter and mother.

Petty Officer - 3rd class officer, McKenzie Beldin who has been deployed in Japan had a big surprise planned for her mom on Thanksgiving eve.  It was a surprise that took three weeks of planning alongside Schroeder Hall and Chase Brown and was caught on video. See the video below and go to the 3:00 mark.  In the middle of performing a song, out of nowhere Chase Brown says, 'Ladies and Gentlemen, direct from Japan, let's give it up for Petty Officer - 3rd class, United States Navy, McKenzie Belin.'  What happens next is absolutely heartwarming,

I had the privilege of chatting with both mother and daughter in the Schroeder Courtyard. I was also able to capture a special pic with the two of them.


McKenzie says she put in leave with her chain of command. She then Facetimed her mom to see if she would be the night before Thanksgiving. She got the ball rolling after finding out her mom would be at the show by contacting Chase Brown and Schroeder Hall, setting up for a very heartwarming moment that was captured last night.

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McKenzie's mom, Terri Beldin, says "it's been a long time since I have seen her, it was real emotional for me."  Beldin will be in town for three weeks before heading back to deployment in Japan.


Schroeder Hall has recently been announced as the TCMA Live Music Venue of the Year. Get ready for a great year of shows for 2022!

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