George Strait has joined forces with Walmart for an exclusive new box set that will be released just in time for the Holidays. The album drops on Friday November 18th.   The album will be entitled “Strait Out of the Box: Part 2”  and will be available through Wal-Mart.   The album will feature 3CD’s and 56 songs including his latest single “Goin’ Goin’ Gone.”   In light of the George’s new release a lot of Texas Country artist have been asked to cover their favorites.  Randy Rogers, Aaron Watson, and Cody Johnson have done just that!  You might even catch clips of these awesome recordings on the morning show.  George has retired from active touring, but you can still catch him in Las Vegas on a very limited basis.  “Strait Out of the Box: Part 2 “is currently available for  pre order exclusively on Walmart website!

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