Hot country star David Nail broke through to mainstream success in a big way with 'Let It Rain,' but he's hoping to show his fans something new with his next record, which he says is "unlike anything I've ever done."

While in Vegas for the ACMs, Nail told Taste of Country that he's got a new song coming out next month from a new project that he's very enthusiastic about. "It's completely different," he says. "It's almost like a modern, 2013 bluegrass/country/pop record, and I'm so excited."

The entertainer didn't mention a title or specific release date, but he described the new material as a turn away from the heartbreak of 'Let It Rain.'

"It's really upbeat, it's fun," he promises. "I think that people are gonna be pleasantly surprised that there's a side of David Nail that they probably haven't seen."

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