Kip Moore is finishing up the follow-up album to 'Up All Night,' which means soon, everyone will be able to hear a new batch of songs from the Georgia native. 

Album plans are going swimmingly for Moore, who tells Billboard where they are in the process. "We're going in to finish the record this week," he reveals. "Now, we're just trying to figure out what we want to come with first."

With hits like 'Somethin’ ‘Bout a Truck' and 'Beer Money' on the first album, there's a full range of emotions in moving on to a sophomore album. "It makes me sad -- kind of -- because there's so many songs that I love on this record," Moore admits, "but it's time to jump on it. I've been sitting on a new body of work that I'm itching for people to hear."

So, will the new body of work be similar to his debut record? Not really. "The first album was a very nostalgic, looking back type record. At that point, I was drawing on the past – all the things I've been through," the singer explains of the album that chronicled nine years of his life.

Since then, he's been through a lot, and his follow-up record will be different. "With the new record, my life has changed, and I'm seeing things that I have never seen, it's more in the present," he admits. "It's much more intense -- sonically and lyrically."

There's also more pressure this time around. Before, Moore was a new kid on the block in country music, but now, there are expectations -- especially since one of his tracks went Gold, offering a glimmer of true success.

However, the rising star is taking it all in stride and trying to keep a focused mindset. "Before, there was nothing to measure me up to. Now, with the success of the first album, there's a bar to measure," Moore reveals. "There will be some that will want to attack it. But, it's going to be such a different record. You can't please everybody, and I never will be able to."

While he can't please everybody, he's certainly pleasing a lot of fans -- and country music stars. The singer has been opening for superstar Toby Keith this year and will soon head out with Lady Antebellum on their Take Me Downtown Tour.

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